SocialRobo – Advanced Social Prospecting

Online Advanced Sales Prospecting Tool & Sales AI

Tired of spending hours on individual LinkedIn invites? Let SocialRobo make the connections and create opportunities for sales interaction. It’s your automated SDR. 

SocialRobo is a platform for you to automate the mundane tasks of mass LinkedIn outreach, resulting in targeted communications and engagement. 

  • Automate your campaigns 
  • Avoid grunt work 
  • Global Sales Tool 
  • An efficient, reliable platform that’s simple to use 
  • Use as a drip campaign to stay top-of-mind


Why you need SocialRobo?

  • Reduce 1 by 1 manual LinkedIn outreach 
  • More Targeted Outreach — In Less Time 
  • Scalable Drip Hunting Process 
  • Connect With Your Top Prospects on a Daily Basis 
  • SocialRobo never sleeps: Run Multiple Campaigns 24/7 365 

With SocialRobo, sales teams can focus on higher-value interactions with prospects instead of time-consuming manual outreach. With the automation that streamlines mass-LinkedIn outreach, sales teams can achieve their sales goals faster because they are connecting with their top-targeted leads.  

Connect with your prospects before your competition does! With the ability to reach out to 100 contacts on a daily basis, SocialRobo allows for multiple targeted prospecting campaigns. 

Analytics in SocialRobo
Campaign Status in SocialRobo
Inbox in SocialRobo

Advanced SocialRobo Prospecting (1 Qtr)


+ $1000 first time, one-time set up fee. All prices quoted are in USD.

About Advanced SocialRobo Prospecting Tool

Sales Prospecting is considered as a first step and most important step of sales cycle. LinkedIn is one of the best source to get accurate business information about the organisations. Finding the right connection or the potential leads in LinkedIn is very time consuming and not an easy task. We’ll automate the entire process and help you to connect with top-targeted audience on a daily basis in less time. This SocialRobo is a product of APACSMA!

Additional information

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Licensed for this platform is valid for three months.

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