Roles and Responsibilities of a Sales Team Leader

Sales Team Leader

The leader of the sales department is the glue that keeps the sales staff together, provides the manager with the preparation and inspiration to achieve selling goals. Typically, the work environment is fast-paced, and the team leader often moves from one task to another, answering questions, holding meetings, delegating responsibilities, and acting as an encouraging voice. If you are a sales- and results-oriented


Sales Team Leader Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of sales team leaders vary depending on the sector and the type of sales environment in which they operate. These are the core tasks normally assigned to the sales team leader, based on an analysis of the current job listings:

Assist Managers in Sales Strategy Development

While sales team leaders primarily oversee the sales team, they often assist sales manager in developing and implementing sales strategy. This includes developing strategic sales plans that expand the customer base and ensuring that the company maintains a strong industry presence.

Keep Informed of New Products and Services

Sales team leaders must continue to develop knowledge of the products and services that are being offered to meet sales targets and achieve growth. They also need a working knowledge of the environment and competition in their industry to effectively implement their sales strategy.

Recruit, Train, and Coach the Sales Team

Sales team leaders often assist in defining sales job requirements, helping with the search for the best candidates and participating in the interview process. A large part of the job is to provide tips and training to the sales team members to achieve a competitive edge in their industry. The sales team leaders are orienting the new sales staff and focusing on improving existing staff’s job performance and sales.

Delegate Tasks and Set Deadlines

Sales team leaders delegate tasks to sales staff. They know how to assign tasks to the team members with the best skills for the job and guide staff members to ensure the work is done well.

Set Sales Targets and Motivate Sales Team

sales leaders also set sales targets on a regular, weekly, or monthly basis. They inspire workers to meet individual sales targets and enable employees to perform more than harder. They understand the importance of praising and rewarding team members who perform a stellar job and implement bonus and prize programs or accomplishments for “employee of the month.”

Prepare Sales Reports

Often it is the responsibility of sales team leaders to prepare and deliver sales reports to management. They also report on performance of team members and mission-related goals.


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