Take a Look at the Main Responsibilities of a Channel Sales Manager

If we talk about Channel Sales Manager, there is a wide range of tasks handled by sales professionals with this designationA Channel Sales Manager not only manages a team of channel sales representatives by also guide them towards achieving sales and profit goals by selling goods and services through resellers as well as different channels.  

A Channel Sales Manager identifies and approaches key or strategic partners and then sets short-term and long-term channel strategies to be implemented in the future.  

Top 10 Responsibilities of a Channel Sales Manager 

Let’s take a look at some of the top responsibilities of a Channel Sales Manager that we can’t afford to miss in the year 2020: 

  1. A Channel Sales Manager needs to be the primary point of contact and should aim for building long-term relationships with the customers. 
  2. Make sure to update and maintain the client accounts in order to preserve the existing business. 
  3. The next key responsibility of a Channel Sales Manager is to manage sales activities of partners to generate revenue. 
  4. Do a regular evaluation of partner sales performance and recommend suggestions for improvement. 
  5. A Channel Sales Manager should manage pipelines, forecast monthly sales as well as identifying new business opportunities 
  6. It is the responsibility of a Channel Sales Manager that he/she address partner related issues, sales conflicts, and pricing issues in a timely manner before things get out of control. 
  7. Communication is the key, that’s why it is crucial to maintain constant communication regarding new products and additional enhancements to other partners. 
  8. Developing a process also improves chances in optimizing partner management activities for a sales professional handling this designation.  
  9. ChannelSales Managers need to make sure that they stay up-to-date with the competitor activities and latest updates happening in the marketplace.  
  10. Last but not least, a Channel Sales Manager should also educate the partners about product portfolios and complementary services that are being offered.  

The above-mentioned points can be classified as the primary responsibilities of a Channel Sales Manager. By properly carrying out these responsibilities, a Channel Sales Manager is one step close to increasing their sales success. For more such informative on sales professionals, stay tuned with APACSMA’s Sales In Action segment to never miss another leaning article about sales! 

Top 10 Responsibilities of Channel Sales Manager

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