Relationship Intelligence Advanced Certification Program


  1. All prices quoted are in USD. This purchase includes sales mindset assessment.
  2. Students can choose from 3 Learning Options:
    1. Online Only – This gives you access to the online self-study sessions only.
    2. Online + Coaching with APACSMA Team of Experts and a session with Jim Cathcart.
    3. Online + Premium Coaching with Jim Cathcart.

This is a 12-week experience that will help you discover the true purpose of selling and improve your relationship intelligence. During the Relationship Intelligence ® Advanced Certification Program, you will have access to module videos, certified curriculum, assessment exercises, social communities, text, chat, checklists, alerts, reminders and live sessions with Zeenath Kuraisha, Jim Cathcart and John Maxwell Certified Expert coach for high-frequency engagement.