Certified Social Selling Specialist


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This price is equivalent to SGD 6000.
*Please note that Singapore companies are eligible to claim up to 70-90% x 2 [two] months’ salary with extra training fee subsidy.

Successful completion of the Certified Social Selling Specialist program teaches you the importance of social selling, the keys to building trust, how to identify target profiles, how to build a trusted online professional profile, the art of content development, how to share valuable content to target audiences, social engagement, online prospecting, how to build, manage and grow relationships through multi-channel platforms, and how to increase revenue through social selling. The CSSS online sales certification course is a product of APACSMA!

This purchase includes the guided selling tool license for 2 months, 4 coaching, audit, and certification. The guided selling platform will include step by step guidance which is super easy for the user to learn, follow and apply. For further support, our support team will be available to guide.

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