New Place-and-Train Programmes Supported by e2i

Great news, Singapore!

APAC SMA and e2i (Employment and Employability Institute of Singapore) have partnered to provide two new Place-and-Train Programmes.

These two programmes are specifically created to fully enable new Inside Sales and Digital Sales professionals, regardless of past working experience directly in sales, or in either of these branches.

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Who is eligible?

We encourage both companies and individuals to apply to the programmes.

We emphasize that lack of past relevant experience for the individuals is not an excluding factor. With the completion of either of the programmes, every individual will be fully enabled to handle day to day duties of Inside Sales or Digital Sales Executives.

Criteria of Eligibility

  • Are hiring or have recently hired a sales representative
  • Or seek to employ trained individuals from APAC SMA
  • Deploy the resources into Inside Sales and Digital Sales Scope of Work within the organization
  • Offer a monthly gross salary of at least $2,500 (basic salary including fixed allowances attracting CPF contribution)
  • Offer permanent employment or a contract lasting at least 12 months*
  • Provide On-The-Job training (OJT) within first 1-3 months of employment period**


*Funding will cease, minus what’s been paid, in case of an unforeseen situation, e.g. resignation, project end, etc. For more information, check with Program Administrator
**APAC SMA will support the OJT period

  • Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Looking for a full time job in Inside Sales / Digital Sales
  • Willing to invest time in gaining Global Recognized Certification, fully Employer and Government funded
  • Ready to put their best foot forward

What do the Employers get?

Accredited and Certified Inside / Digital Sales Resource

Upon completion of the mandatory training, individuals will be awarded with the APAC SMA Certificate of Completion of the Inside Sales or Digital Sales Programme, respectively. Participants who successfully complete additional training will also receive Global eCertificates from AA-ISP (Global Inside Sales Association) or DMI (Digital Marketing Institute). More detailed information will be made available upon inquiry.

Top certification from global industry leaders

To learn more about either of the certification, skills acquired and course modules, please visit the respective pages:

Inside Sales Certification

Digital Sales Certification 

Heavily subsidized course fees (up to 70%)

The final subsidized course fees payable by company is $4500-5500 after subsidy* (of 70% max capped at $3500), which includes an Inside Sales or Digital Sales Global Online Learning and Certification, Classroom, Virtual or On-site on-the-job (OJT) coaching, work-based learning, 1 year Inside Sales Membership to AA-ISP Global Inside Sales Association with access to the Mentor program, coaching, global learning resources and Support.   [All-inclusive]

From 70-90% claim on the salary in first three months

E.g. $5000 salary minus 90% funding (max) translates to $500 monthly salary payable by the employer for first 3 months. In case of the minimum claim of 70%, final salary payable would equal to $1500.

Note: Minimum salary to be eligible is $2500.

Potential to be eligible for additional funds up to a full year

A list of CSP criteria applies here, and further information can be provided on inquiry.

How to start
To find out more about the programmes, or to start your application process, please contact us to schedule a short call.

Why are these programmes happening now?

Technology is creating a new kind of demand by globalizing business. Every day, increasing number of companies choose to digitalize some or all their sales and marketing efforts. This means that companies are pushed to find creative ways to stay cost effective, by eliminating surplus operating cost, such as unessential travel, business lunch meetings and, in some cases, even physical offices.

For Singapore, the shortage of digitally literate sales professionals created a unique atmosphere: the inability to fill Inside Sales and Digital Sales roles stimulated companies to outsource to surrounding countries, causing a ripple effect throughout the business community as the traditional sales roles started to fade from existence.

This massive shift in corporate spending habits, like outsourcing and elimination of certain roles, is weighing heavily on Singapore economy. This is exactly what APAC SMA and e2i are striving to change through positive reinforcement, complete professional enablement and government financial support.

The solution is obvious: Singapore needs digitally literate Sales Professionals.
– Zeenath Kuraisha, CEO, APAC SMA

By introducing these two new skill-specific programmes, APAC SMA and e2i are opening the door to a whole new way for companies to handle their sales, as well as for individuals interested in making a transition into Digital or Inside Sales profession, but have so far lacked the opportunity, to develop necessary skills.

We’re hoping this effort will encourage companies to focus their hiring efforts on local talent, while being sure they are getting the highly skilled professionals they need to grow.

Steps for Companies

  • 1. Registration

    Complete the Company Registration process with APAC SMA.

  • 2. The Interview

    Interview a prospect new hire and employ an individual through APAC SMA.

  • 3. Sign a Contract

    Offer a minimum of a full year's contract (including the three months of placement training)

  • 4. Certification and Training

    In conjunction with APAC SMA, provide the new talent with the access to the certification training and three months place-and-train.

  • 5. Claim the Funds!

    Can be done on a quarterly base.

Steps for Individuals

  • 1. Registration

    Contact APAC SMA to schedule an introductory call and start the registration process.

  • 2. The Interview

    Complete the interview process with the prospect employer

  • 3. The Certification

    Successfully complete the required training to commence the placement training.

  • 4. Sign the Contract

    Embark on your new exciting career!

  • 5. On-the-Job Training

    Three months on the job training and skills polishing, supported by the employer and APAC SMA.

To apply to either of the programmes or to enquire further, send us an email and we’ll reply at the nearest possible time. Due to the volume of incoming communication, please allow us up to 48-72 hours for the initial response.

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