Steps for Companies

  • 1. Registration

    Register your interest with us.

  • 2. Candidate Hired

    Minimum of 1 year contract or permanent employment with minimum SGD 2,500 salary offered.

  • 3. Choose a course

    Choose One: Certificate of Inside Sales Professionals (CISP) or Certified Digital & Social Sales Professional (CDSSP).

  • 4. Complete 3 Months On-boarding

    Pay subsidized course fee to APAC SMA and complete on-boarding and sales trainings

  • 5. Upload necessary documents and claim funds

    Claims to be done on completion of 3rd month with complete documentation. APAC SMA will support you with the paperworks.



Train Professionals To Hit Your Targets

Get your staffs trained by industry experts, leverage on the global standards and claim an almost free education.


Heavily Subsidized Course Fees

Enjoy heavily subsidized course fees with up to 70% funding capped at SGD 3,500

expert-led content

Salary Reimbursement To Defray Course Fees

Up to 90% salary reimbursement per month, claimable for first 3 months for eligible candidates. See table below for more details.


100% Course Fees Reclaimable + Additional Salary Support

You will get an additional SGD 500-SGD 6500 with total course fee covered by the government.


Upscale Your Internal Sales Team's Capabilities

Upon completion, Participants will receive Global Certificates from AA-ISP (Global Inside Sales Association) or DMI (Digital Marketing Institute). 


Join And Tap On The Global Alumni + Experts Community

All students will be given access to AA-ISP where they can get a wealth of information, best practices, coaches, expert sections, trainings and more.

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CISP - Certified Inside Sales Professional

This course enables students with:

  • Inside Sales Knowledge
  • The art of acquiring customer intelligence
  • Tele Prospecting, Discovery, Qualification and  Closing Mastery
  • Objection Handling
  • Understand territory, account management and channel sales basics
Learn how to make more sales faster and easier using social selling

CDSSP - Certified Digital & Social Sales Professional

This course enables students with:

  • Acquire more qualified prospects
  • Build solid relationships online
  • Develop and promote relevant content based on target audience profiles
  • Maximize impact of digital & social selling with the use of CRM, digital tools and social media platforms


70% Salary Support Funding Eligibility, Capped at SGD 2,000 Per Month

Per Month
Max Funding
Per Month
Payable Salary
Per Month
Max Funding SGD 5,000 SGD 2,000 SGD 3,000
Min Funding SGD 2,500 SGD 1,750 SGD 750

90% Salary Support Funding Eligibility For Eligible Individuals Only*, Capped at SGD 4,000 Per Month

Per Month
Max Funding
Per Month
Payable Salary
Per Month
Max Funding SGD 5,000 SGD 4,000 SGD 1,000
Min Funding SGD 2,500 SGD 2,250 SGD 250

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