Mantra to Modernize Your LinkedIn Lead Generation

Mantra to Modernize Your LinkedIn Lead Generation 

This is a basic three-step formula to build your leads and pipeline in LinkedIn or other social networks for that matter. 

  1. ADD 
  2. POST
  3. ENGAGE 

Creating a deliberate digital footprint is about reaching where the customers are and adding interest. Most B2B buyers happen to be on LinkedIn and we’re going to be focused on that today. Such tactics should work in every social network. 

The Issue of Social Selling 

Unless you’ve been selling under a rock, you’ve heard the stats about the benefits of social selling countless times. 

Salespeople use social media was 51 percent more likely to meet targets. We draw 45 percent further incentives and outsell 78 percent (LinkedIn) of non-social vendors. 


ADD Buyers to Your Network 

Building the right audience on LinkedIn is a crucial step that’s all too frequently skipped. Many people get their LinkedIn lead gen strategy wrong by creating and posting a bunch of great content but failing to get the right people to see it. 

If you’re not actively adding buyers to your network, chances are most of your connections are current or ex-coworkers, college friends, and family. 

The first thing you need to do is get LinkedIn Sales Navigator (if you don’t already have it). 

Then create a list in Sales Navigator based on your ICP and buyer personas. 

Send 50-100 daily connection requests. This will take you about 10 minutes a day. 

If you do the math, just 50 connections a day, five days a week, means about 130,000 potential connections (buyers) a year that you’re adding to your network. 

That’s 130,000 potential viewers of your content that are within your ICP. 

Think of this as creating the opportunity for buyers to find you organically, while also intentionally creating the opportunity for you to reach out to them on a one-on-one basis. 

APACSMA has a solution to automate mass-LinkedIn outreach so that sales teams can achieve their sales goals faster as they will be connecting with their top-targeted leads. 

SocialRobo is a platform for you to automate the mundane tasks of mass LinkedIn outreach, resulting in targeted communications and engagement. 

  • Automate your campaigns 
  • Avoid grunt work 
  • Global Sales Tool 
  • An efficient, reliable platform that’s simple to use 
  • Use as a drip campaign to stay top-of-mind

POST Content Regularly 

Adding the right buyers to your network is like showing up to an in-person networking event. Posting engaging content is how you start talking. 

If you’ve never posted before on LinkedIn — or have never posted anything other than your company’s content — this step can feel a little intimidating. But the truth of the matter is that only 1% of LinkedIn users post regularly, and B2B buyers are craving more content. 91% of B2B buyers rank LinkedIn as their #1 go-to-site for professional and relevant content. 

Why does content matter when we talk about lead generation on LinkedIn? 

Over half of the buyers list LinkedIn as the most influential channel during their research process. That means by regularly posting content and positioning yourself and your company as experts in the space, you can influence the decisions of over half of your buyers.

ENGAGE with Your Buyers 

Adding the right audience to your network and frequently putting out high-quality content is a great start, but LinkedIn isn’t broadcast media, it’s social media. 

Publishing great content attracts buyers and gets them on the hook. But to turn them into leads, you need to pull them up and engage. 

Talk with your audience, not to them. Building rapport and a little bit of relationship capital through conversation (even through comments) will produce more and higher quality leads than just posting. 

Take 10 minutes per day to engage with your audience’s posts. Engagement can be alike, a reaction, or a comment. But comments are best, especially if you have something valuable to add. 

There’s only 1 rule. Never pitch in post comments. 

Reply to people in your own post comments. If your audience of potential buyers has taken the time to comment on your post, comment back. 


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