LinkedIn Business Makeover

Take your LinkedIn profile to the next level and convert it into a powerful tool that highlights your skills, experience and impresses your network of connections.

LinkedIn is a convenient hub to grow your network and your business. Your LinkedIn profile is not just your resume but it is so much more. When written strategically, your LinkedIn profile will become the opportunity to engage with your target audience and, to build and strengthen your professional brand.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover includes a 1x audit, 2×30 mins coaching. We have different service levels based on your profession, job titles, objective and goals.

This makeover is important to create the best possible impression.

  • Strategically align your LinkedIn profile to your goals and target audience to reach your true potential
  • Identify your strategy and goal to optimize your LinkedIn profile in the best possible way
  • Discover your target audience through communities and help to network more effectively
  • Showcase you as a high-level professional that shows confidence and credibility so that the audience want to reach out to you and learn more.

Not sure if you need a makeover?

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