Digital Inside Sales Professional Programme

First Course: Master Inside Sales Practice

This inside sales training course is a perfect choice for Business Development Reps, Sales Development Reps, Sales Executives, and Account Managers and anyone who wants to master telesales skills.

This sales certification course is designed to help every sales individual develop or improve the latest sales skills, trends, techniques, and best practices. This will create a basic strong foundation for Inside Sales competencies and skills that will help you increase your sales numbers, establish you as a sales leader, and spur professional growth.

As traditional selling methods are no longer enough to sustain success, digital tools and techniques have become an essential component of any modern sales professional’s arsenal.

To adapt to this change in the sales environment along with preparing an individual to advance in their current and future position, APACSMA has designed professional social selling in alignment with global sales standards that can make a difference.

The Inside Sales Professional Training Course:

The online course to become a Certified Inside Sales Professional consists of 10 individual courses along with a final exam which is optional. Each of these modules builds on the other and will help you gain and grasp knowledge and obtain skills that will build up to make a strong and knowledgeable Inside Sales professional. Sales certifications such as this one will designate the individual as a highly-qualified candidate for an inside sales position.

Course 1: CISP® Introduction

The objectives of Course 1 are to familiarize you with the CISP® program and learning methods, identify many of the unique attributes associated with an Inside Sales Professional, and introduce the AA-ISP Code of Ethics. As the profession of Inside Sales continues to grow and take on increased significance, the AA-ISP feels it is important to establish and maintain a Code of Ethics to ensure professional standards for Inside Sales are adopted and maintained.

Course 2: Business 101 & The Sales Process

In this course applicants will review the basics of business, how functional areas operate, how companies typically procure products/services, and the common steps of a sales process.

Course 3: Research & Preparation

In this course, students review a variety of tactics which are critical to an Inside Sales Professional’s (ISP’s) research and preparation for prospecting, including how to:

  • Find contact information and other information specific to the targeted organization and individual
  • Set key goals for successful prospecting
  • Measure progress against set goals.
Course 4: Components of a Successful Prospecting Call

In this course, students review the components of a successful first call to a prospect, commonly referred to as the Prospecting Call, cold call, or warm call. This course will include the following:

  • Knowledge and skills required to conduct an effective Prospecting Call
  • Ways to move to the Discovery and Qualification phase
  • Decision criteria for where to move the prospect next, i.e. virtual or face-to-face meeting, a referral to another more appropriate executive, email follow-up, or a future scheduled call based on needs and timing
Course 5: Discovery & Qualification

In this course, students will develop and confirm a thorough understanding of a prospect’s situation, needs, challenges, and any processes in the purchasing decision. In addition, this course will provide the following:

  • Assessment tools for understanding the needs of the prospect
  • Ways to “qualify” the prospect by determining if there is a match for product/services
  • Methods to assess the probability of closing a sale and the appropriate next steps to take in the sales process
Course 6: Presenting a Solution

In this course, students will learn how to properly prepare and present a compelling solution and, if appropriate, submit an initial proposal using some of the following skills:

  • Presenting a solution via the phone or “virtually”
  • Discussing and demonstrating the products and solutions relative to the prospect’s specific needs
  • Gaining agreement on specific key benefits
  • Asking for the sale
Course 7: Objection Handling

In this course, students will properly prepare to address the prospect’s objections, and then advance the sale process. The student will learn to determine if the objection has a resolution or is in fact an obstacle that cannot be solved, and should therefore end the sales process.

Course 8: Closing

In this course, the student identifies ways to gain commitment and earn a signed agreement.

Course 9: Email & Voicemail

Inside Sales Professionals rely heavily on both voicemails and e-mails to communicate to prospects and clients. This course will outline the most effective ways to accomplish written communications and voicemails.

Course 10: Territory, Account & Channel Management

In this course, best practices for account and channel management are discussed. The primary objective of this course is to share skills for practicing outstanding customer service, and pro-active communications during the account management and channel management process.

Course 11: CISP® Final Examination Preparation & Scheduling

The Final Examination overview will help the CISP® candidate effectively prepare for the final examination. The final exam grading outline is examined along with a recorded example of an effective “live” role play. Course 11 will get CISP® students ready to take their final exam.

Certification and Accreditation:

About the CISP® Accreditation Exam Process

The CISP® accreditation is a web-based, on-line program which includes a comprehensive, 10-module preparatory coursework, followed by a final “live sales call” role play exam. Applicants are expected to complete the entire coursework in about 8 weeks, prior to sitting for their final exam. Each course includes study and learning of the competencies required to successfully pass the final examination. In addition, candidates work through practice simulations, observe audio recordings of sales calls, and take course-ending tests. Each course-ending test must be successfully completed before moving on to the next course. The proprietary BrainX on-line learning system used throughout the course work helps each candidate master the content, and prepares them for a successful final exam outcome.

About the Final Exam

After completing the 10 courses, candidates may schedule their final exam. The final exam consists of a simulated live sales call to a prospect. Candidates are given a choice of several sales scenarios to choose from, which will form the basis of their call. Candidates are expected to successfully cover several components on the call including the introduction, discovery, sales qualification, questioning techniques, listening skills, next steps, etc. in order to pass the exam. Each candidate will receive a detailed final exam expectation and grading summary along with an audio example of a successful role play allowing them to prepare for a successful outcome.

About CISP® Re-Certification

On-going education ensures that accredited reps stay current, while continuously seeking opportunities to increase their skills and competence through professional education. Passing the CISP® coursework and final exam earns accreditation for a 3 year period. Accredited professionals are required to earn at least 5 Continuing Sales Education (CSE) credits every year after the initial 3-year period.

Here are some ways our CISP recipients stay active:
  • Attend a local Chapter meeting (1 credit)
  • Attend a Regional or National AA-ISP conference (4 credits)
  • Attend a AA-ISP webinar or Training Tuesday (1 credit)
  • Receive training from an AA-ISP authorized training partner (Credits vary) Each CISP® will have on line access to their personal profile. After earning your accreditation, you will update your profile with earned CSE credits. A full list of earning opportunities with associated CSE points will be sent to each candidate upon successful completion of the CISP®.
Additional Info

All CISP registrants receive a 1 year membership to the AA-ISP, the only organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of Inside Sales.

Members – USD 870 – Online Only
Non-Members – USD 970 – Online Only

e2i employers – SGD 4,500 after subsidy (Includes online course, exam fee, mentoring, coaching, consulting and paper works)

Second Course: Master Social Selling Practices


The Social Selling Professional Training Course:

There are 5 stages in this program – taking you from the very basics to proper setup, launch and execution. It is broken up into 5 stages with every step leading to the next advancing the phase and social selling process. There will be actionable steps involved which will be coached and audited as part of the program expectation.

Stage 1: Fundamentals of Social Selling

The Fundamentals of Social Selling module will demonstrate the value of social selling and how incorporating digital techniques into the sales process can enhance your performance.

The module will enable you to understand how the buying process has changed over the past 10 years and its impact on traditional selling methods.

It will also explore social networks and the value of your personal brand online. On completion, you will have a fundamental understanding of the key concepts of social selling and know the value of integrating digital tools into your sales process.

Stage 2: Finding, Targeting and Attracting Prospects

This module will help you understand how to use social research to build accurate personas for your target sector(s), attract the ideal prospects by making sure they find you easily by using digital and social techniques. It will ensure you appear in their social network feeds, rank highly in search results and how to anticipate the needs of your target audience for informative, educational social content.

In addition, you will know how to create and curate content for social selling and match the right content with the right channels. It will also help you build your network within the buyer community, analyze content engagement and refine.

It will explore the most relevant conversations and behavior to help you set the scene for more contextual and personalized engagement with your targeted prospects.

By using research and social intelligence, you will be able to leverage your network effectively to inform a more contextual and personalized engagement process.

Stage 3: Increasing Engagement

The Increasing Engagement module will explore the needs and motivations of buyers and show you how to provide the right value-add content to build trust with potential and existing customers.

It will help you understand buyer behavior on social networks and curate content through insight into your buyers to engage prospects.

By the end of this module, you will know how to analyze and make sense of
content to provide insights for customers.

In addition, you will be able to share content to build stronger relationships
and engagement at all stages of the sales funnel.

Stage 4: Closing and Retaining

An essential and sometimes tricky part of the sales process, this module will show you how to use social to convert and retain customers so that you ultimately increase revenues.

It will help you to strengthen relationships with buyers in your network, use social to encourage direct engagement and increase conversions using a range of social/digital tools and techniques.

By the end of the Closing and Retaining module, you will be able to identify when to upsell and cross-sell using digital tools and platforms.

In addition, you will retain and build deeper post-sales relationships using
social account management techniques.

Stage 5: Building and Leveraging Communities

Building, leading and leveraging communities of interest is a very important part of the program. Using tactics and knowledge acquired through other modules, this stage guides you in leveraging your thought leadership and sales skills to engage within and outside via multi-channel engagement.

It will help you to strengthen relationships with buyers in your network, use social to encourage direct engagement, and increase conversions using a range of social/digital tools and techniques.

Companies and sellers have benefited from leads identification, new business engagement, cross-sell, and up-sell opportunities. In addition, you will retain and build deeper relationships with communities building techniques.

Guided Social Selling Platform

The guided selling platform will include step by step guidance to engage with your customer more effectively by enabling social selling strategies which are super easy for the user to learn, follow and apply.

Leverage your social networks to attract the right prospects, to build trusted relationships and to achieve your sales targets. We’ll help you to connect with your audience on a deeper level and to leverage your social presence.

Certification & Audit

About the final Exam

There integrated assignments as part of the program and there will be 2 integrated audits to test the knowledge and performance of the students.

This course will help you:

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry advancement
  • Advance your career
  • Show your proactive approach to professional development
  • Raise the bar in your organization
  • Close more wins than ever before>
  • Acquire more qualified prospects
  • Reduce lead times and nurture leads more effectively
  • Achieve a more balanced pipeline
  • Developed online branding by creating and promoting relevant content
  • Build solid relationships online
  • Repeat business increased
  • Adapted tone, style and type of content based on the target audience
  • Optimized territory and pipeline analysis and define growth strategies
  • Maximized the impact of social selling
  • Understand how to lead the implementation of a social selling strategy in their organization

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