Strategy and planning are key to digital marketing. A measured and wellconsidered strategy along with a coherent plan for your organizations can dramatically reduce spend and increase value from your marketing.

That’s why we have designed a specialist certification that can make a difference in your life. Industry aligned, it can help you stand out from the crowd and highlight your capabilities. It can boost your credibility. It can transform you into a specialist in your field.

Become a leader in your industry by becoming a certified digital strategy and planning specialist.

Your digital future awaits.

The Coursework:

There are nine modules in this program: taking you from the solidifying your basics to proper integration and practical strategy creation and planning.

Module 1: Introduction to Strategy and Planning

This module will introduce you to the Digital Marketing Institute’s 3i methodology and framework, which will enable you to plan and develop an effective strategy for your organization. You will learn how to address the complexities of planning and become familiar with the concept of strategic management and reporting.

Module 2: Traditional Communications

This module looks at communications before digital marketing became widespread and how it has evolved over the years. You will explore the strengths of traditional methods of communications, as well as realizing that there are limitations. It will help you understand how to respond to a range of different illustrations and how digital communications can be integrated with traditional approaches.

Module 3: Digital Communications

This module will introduce you to the concept of digital communications and how to use them to engage with an audience. You will also become familiar with the tools and timelines associated with a digital campaign and PR activities.

Module 4: Digital Channels

The Digital Channels module will introduce you to the value, characteristics and suitability of social media platforms and contextualize the digital landscape, including Search Marketing (SEO), Email Marketing, Digital Display Advertising, Mobile Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Module 5: Social Customer Service

The Social Customer Service module looks at using social media as a customer service channel, peer-to-peer communities and how what is happening online is critically important to businesses.

Module 6: Budget & Resourcing

On completion of this module you will be familiar with the key areas to consider when creating a budget for digital activities and understand the range of documentation required.

Module 7: Big Data & Analytics

The Big Data & Analytics module will provide you with a broad understanding of Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. You will learn the fundamental frameworks and understand how cutting-edge analytics tools are being used to help businesses succeed.

Module 8: Digital Leadership

The Digital Leadership module will guide you as you transition from a traditional to a digital strategy and empower you to mentor, coach and lead your team in their digital marketing activities.

Module 9: Strategy Formulation and Planning

The Strategy Formulation and Plan module will provide a structured conclusion to bring together all the strands of the Digital Strategy and Planning Program. It introduces you to methodologies for utilizing a SWOT Analysis to develop SMART objectives and create a coherent strategic plan for your organization.

Certification Process

Certification is achieved by the successful completion of a computer based examination. The exam is designed to measure individuals’ knowledge and digital strategy & planning proficiency following their completion of the program.

The duration of the exam is 180 minutes.

A range of different question formats are used including Text based Multiple Choice;  Imagebased Multiple Choice, Matching and Hot Spot questions.

Candidates need to achieve a minimum of 60% to pass the exam.

Our computer-based examinations are delivered through the Pearson VUE test center network which comprises over 5,200 centers in 180 countries. We choose to deliver our exams through Pearson VUE as it provides students with a quality, consistent examination, no matter where they are in the world.


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 Did you know that 81% of graduates have been promoted since completing our digital selling course?

On obtaining the Strategy and Planning certification, you will be able to:

  • Create a cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Learn how to properly analyse data and validate information
  • Understand the digital marketing channels, their strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn how to prepare and distribute the digital marketing budget
  • Approach your resources the right way
  • Use social media to plan and execute customer excellence
  • Become a leader in digital marketing

Digital Marketing – Strategy & Planning


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