Certified Sales Manager Course

A sales team is only as good as its manager. A manager’s abilities to guide their reps and ensure that quotas are met are key to any business. And that means that sales managers need to be on top of their game in an increasingly competitive sales environment.

We have developed a Certified Sales Manager course to help current and aspiring sales managers learn the skills they need to succeed.

Why You Need This Course

The skillset for a successful manager is diverse. A good manager needs to be able to do everything from building a team to budgeting to managing reps and important clients. Sales training courses can help fill any gaps in knowledge. So APACSMA has developed a Certified Sales Manager course to help current and aspiring managers get the job done.

This sales management training course develops the skills necessary for managing the day to day operations of a sales department as well as the ins and the outs of planning, budgeting, and more. It also provides a sales management certification upon successful completion of the course.

The course covers:

  • Building and managing sales teams
  • Basic forecasting and budgeting
  • Setting targets and quotas
  • Designing Key Performance Indicators
  • Designing compensation structures
  • Managing poor performance
  • Coaching, motivating sales professionals
  • Tools for efficiency and productivity
  • Drafting and optimizing sales processes
  • Planning sales activities to achieve corporate sales strategies
  • Developing sales proposals
  • Boardroom communication and presentation skills

This course leads to a Level 5 Diploma in Advance Sales Professionalism upon passing the assessment criteria with a Certified Sales Manager title from APACSMA.


Module 1 - Building Sales Teams [Mandatory]

A good sales team starts with the right people. This module covers hiring and assembling a quality team. It also covers the fundamentals of management, retaining, growing, and motivating a sales team.


Assessment: APACSMAL5M501

Module 2 - Setting targets and forecasting for success [Mandatory]

Sales teams need goals to strive for and these goals must be based on a company’s strategic plan and bottom line. This module focuses on all aspects of quota assignment, setting targets, and defining Key Performance Indicators 

Assessment Module = APACSMAL5M502

Module 3 - Account, Deal Financial Reviews [Mandatory]

This module covers reviewing the financial performance of customer accounts. This skill ensures that sales teams stay on track to achieve goals over time.

Assessment Module: APACSMA L5M503

Module 4 - Talent Management and Compensation

The ongoing success of sales teams depends on managing talent. This module covers various management strategies. It also covers designing compensation structures.

Assessment: APAC SMA L5M508

Module 5 - Motivate sales professionals

A good sales manager knows how to motivate a  team. This module covers motivating sales professionals to ensure ongoing success.

Module 6 - Professional development

Sales teams must be properly trained. And even a great sales team can get better. So this module covers initial sales team professional development and training. It also covers on-going development so your team can evolve over time.

Assessment: APACSMAL5M510

Module 7 - Coaching

Sales managers are responsible for the performance of their team. That requires the ability to act as a coach. This module covers the ins and outs of successful sales coaching in sales strategy and more.

Assessment: APACSMAL5M509

Module 8 - Performance Management [Mandatory]

Performance management is a key skill. This module covers performance management for both individuals and accounts.

Assessment Module: APACSMA L5M504

Module 9 - Managing Sales Technologies for Sales Success

New sales tools and technology are being developed every day. This module covers Identifying the right sales tools and technology to help your sales team operate and function efficiently and profitably.

Assessment: APACSMA L5M507

Assessment and Exam Matters

Exam Methodology

Assessments will be conducted within each module or at a separate time agreed on by the student and APACSMA. Assessments may be in-person or online. For most students, details will be established at the beginning of the course.

Students going through Prior Learning Assessment will not receive advanced notice to validate their existing skills for gap audit. However, they will receive expectations and the format prior to the assessment date.


Students will receive a Certification in Sales Management from Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy upon successful completion of all modules.

Students will also be eligible for an APS Diploma in Advanced Sales Professionalism [APS/501D] awarded by Association of Professional Sales, UK upon successful completion of all modules. Certificate in Advance Sales Professionalism will be issued for successful completion of mandatory modules if the APS certification track is chosen.

Option 1: Certification Track
Student will receive APACSMA Certification only. After completing the course, if a student wishes to receive APS Diploma, it will cost USD 500 additional for each modular assessment. USD 500 applies for every retry.

Option 2: Dual Certification Program 
Student will receive APACSMA certification and APS Diploma.


Students will receive 37 APS Diploma credits upon successful completion of this course.

Other Certification & Assessment Considerations

Assessments will be recorded and submitted upon completion for review by the  Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy Education Team. You will be notified of the results by email within 4 weeks of your assessment.

All results are final. There will be no opportunity for disputes. Students will be given areas for improvement prior to re-assessment. Students can retake the assessment for USD 500. The opportunity to retake a module can be discussed with APACSMA.

Students who have passed will receive an e-Cert sales certification which they can print.

APS Diplomas take a minimum of 8 weeks for grading and certification processing. Students will receive further details via email.

What Course to Take Next

The course prepares students to take APACSMA’s Certification in Sales Leadership course or the APS Level 6 Certificate in Chartered Sales Professionalism.

Certified Sales Manager


All prices quoted are in USD.

This sales manager certification course provides the sales management training and skills to necessary to execute sales strategies, build high-performing sales teams, set key performance indicators, set up sales processes and procedures, identify tools & technologies for sales operations, forecast & improve revenue achievement plans, coaching, manage daily operations & senior stakeholders, communicate effectively in the boardroom, manage change, and build an individual sales leadership profile. This online sales manager certification course is a product of APACSMA!


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Certification Options

APACSMA Certification, Include APS Diploma in Sales Certification

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