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Certified Sales Leadership Course

A lot of people can sell, but it takes special knowledge to perform in a sales leadership role. True leaders need to be able to create strategic plans, lead team members, manage high-profile clients, and more.

APACSMA’s Certified Sales Leadership course goes beyond sales management training and teaches students the skills and sales strategies they need to succeed in a sales leadership role. Students will receive a Certificate in Sales Leadership upon successful completion of all modules. 

Mandatory sales training course units cover sales strategy, planning, and implementation, developing strategic relationships, business leadership, and management. Optional units allow students to choose those areas most relevant to them. These areas include salesforce organization, sales talent management, forecasting and budgeting, managing sales related change, managing sales enablement, developing strategic relationships, and selling with partners.

The course covers:

  • Sales strategies and plans
  • Relationship building
  • Customer procurement
  • Account growth and retention
  • Leadership strategy
  • Managing talent
  • Forecasting and budgeting


Module 1 - Developing sales strategies and plans [Mandatory]

This mandatory module covers the fundamental skills necessary for devising overall sales team strategies as well as individual plans. It will prepare you to help your team succeed.

Assessment Module = APACSMAL6M601.

Module 2 - Developing strategic relationships with major customers [Mandatory]

Sales leadership means working with high-profile customers. This module covers the art of relationship building with top clients.

Assessment Module = APACSMAL6M602.

Module 3 - Sales Procurement for Strategic Solution Selling [Mandatory]

Customer procurement is a key skill for any sales leader. This module covers devising sales strategies to suit customer procurement practices.

Assessment Module: APACSMA L6M603.

Module 4 - Customer and Account Growth and Retention

Sales team success depends on improvement over time. Sales leaders must focus on this. This module covers customer account growth and retention for success over time.


Assessment: APAC SMA L6M608.

Module 5 - Sales Enablement [Mandatory]

A sales leader must guide their team to success. This module covers how to provide strategic leadership and management in sales teams and departments.

Assessment Module: APACSMA L6M604

Module 6 - Sales Enablement II

This module takes sales enablement further. It covers the use of intelligence and insight for sales-related change.

Assessment: APAC SMA L6M607.

Module 7 - Talent Management

A good sales leader uses higher-level skills to manage sales talent. This module covers using commercial acumen and psychology in the salesforce organization.

Assessment: APACSMA L6M605.

Module 8 - Salesforce Forecasting and Budgeting

Utilising salesforce analytics tools to properly prepare forecast and budget reports.

Assessment: APAC SMA L6M606.

Assessment and Exam Matters

Exam Methodology

Assessments will be conducted by an examiner within each module or at a separate time agreed on by the student and APACSMA. For most students, details will be established at the beginning of the course.

Students going through Prior Learning Assessment will not receive advanced notice to validate their existing skills for gap audit. However, they will receive expectations and the format prior to the assessment date.


Students will receive a Certificate in Sales Leadership by Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy upon successful completion of all modules.

Students are eligible for an APS Diploma in Chartered Sales Professionalism  [APS/601D] awarded by Association of Professional Sales, UK upon successful completion of all modules. There will be an additional fee of USD 1500 for this certification.


Students will receive 40 APS Diploma credits upon successful completion of this course.

What happens after I have taken the exam?

Assessments will be recorded and submitted for review by APAC SMA Education Team. You will be notified by email within 4 weeks on the results.

All results are final. There will be no opportunity for disputes. Students will be given areas for improvement prior to re-assessment. Students can retake the assessment for USD 1500. The opportunity to retake a module can be discussed with APACSMA.

Students will receive an eCert via email upon successful completion and a notice will be sent to within 8 weeks.  Results will be emailed to the official email address registered with APAC SMA.

What Course To Take Next

Students who receive this certification can progress onto the APS Level 6 Graduate Degree Sales Apprenticeship. They can use unit credits already achieved as there is unit overlap with the Graduate Degree qualification. They can also progress using their CPD program or onto other relevant qualifications such as a Level 7 MA and MBA programs.

Certified Sales Leader


All prices quoted are in USD.

This Certified Sales Leadership sales training course gives students knowledge of master business and sales leadership, the ability to create winning strategies, as well as the ability to manage tough situations, create sales vision, and develop a world-class sales organization. This online sales certification course is a product of APACSMA!


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