Certified Sales Executive

Certified Field Sales Executive Professional Course

This course teaches sales professionals the basics of communications, how to deliver sales presentations and demos, the ability to understand needs and present appropriate solutions, negotiate, handle objections, close sales and identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. This helps an individual to be able to confidently step out to connect and sell in in-person situations.


Module 1 - Ethical Sales Basic Code of Conduct

Ethical, Legal, Professional Requirements in Sales.

Assessment Module = APACSMAL3M308

Module 2 - Prospecting

Generate new opportunities and prospecting.

Assessment Module = APACSMAL3M303

Module 3 - Sales Presentation

Undertake sales presentation and demos.

Assessment Module: APACSMA L3M301

Module 4 - Maximizing deal value

Identify opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

Assessment Module: APACSMA L3M304

Module 5 - Negotiation, Objection Handling and Closing

Handling objections, negotiation and closing sales.

Assessment: APACSMA L3M302

Module 6 - Sales systems usage, Sales planning

Obtain and analyze sales related information. Planning sales activities accordingly using technology and tools.

Assessment: APAC SMA L3305/6/7

Assessment and Exam Matters

Exam Methodology

Assessment will either be conducted after each module or An examiner will set up a time with you to conduct the assessment. Assessment methodology will be notified to you upon successful enrollment to the course.

Assessment details will be shared with students for advance preparation.

Students going through Prior Learning Assessment will not have the advance preparation guidance shared to validate their existing skills for gap audit. However what is expected and the format of the assessment will be shared prior to the assessment date.


Students will receive a Certification in Professional Field Sales by Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy upon completion and passing of all modules APAC SMA L3M301-308.

Students are eligible for an APS Diploma in Sales Professionalism [APS/301D] awarded by Association of Professional Sales, UK upon passing all modules. Certificate of Sales Professionalism will be issued for completion of APACSMA L3M301-304. There will be an additional Fees of USD 800 for this certification.


Total Credit for APS Diploma is 37.

What happens after I have taken the exam?

Assessments will be recorded and submitted for review by APAC SMA Education Team. You will be notified by email within 4 weeks on the results.

Examiners results are final and no disputes are entertained. Students will be informed on areas they can improve prior to re-assessment. Students wishing to retake the assessment can do so for USD 500 and reattempting a particular module can be discussed with APACSMA.

Students who have passed will receive an e-Cert which they can print.

For APS Diploma, a minimum of 8 weeks in total for grading and certification processing is required and you should be receiving further details on this via email.

Next Recommended Progression

Students can consider a Certification in Sales Management by APAC SMA as the next progression pathway to upgrade from Individual sales contributor to Sales team manager.

Sales professionals can consider the Certificate/Diploma in Advanced Sales Professionalism which covers sales team management fundamentals.

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Certified Sales Executive


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Earners of this Certified Sales Executive certification will learn essential soft skills around the basic of sales communication, customer championship, building trust & rapport, negotiating basics, handling objections, prospecting basics, conducting macro & micro market analysis, develop competitive winning strategies, value positioning, delivery of sales presentation & demos, sales technologies, B2B/B2C/B2G procurement process management, identify up-sell & cross-sell opportunities. This online sales certification course is a product of APACSMA!


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