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This sales certification course was created as an answer to a growing global need for knowledgeable Sales Development Representatives and the necessary skills needed to be successful in the position. The course also addresses the need for a structured career path for the young Sales Development Representative or those shifting careers.

This course is structured in such a way as to provide value with each step while creating a strong foundation for future development and growth. This is an online, self-paced sales certification program, meaning that the participants will have to also show organisational skills and initiative to follow through and complete the program.

The CSDR™ accreditation is a web-based, online program which includes a comprehensive, 3-module preparatory coursework, followed by a final exam via a “live sales role play”. Applicants are expected to complete the entire coursework in about 2- 3 weeks, prior to sitting for the final exam.


Building on Sales Development Progression Path

On-going education ensures that accredited reps stay current while continuously seeking opportunities to increase their skills and competence through professional education. APACSMA and the industry encourages CSDR™ graduates to continue building their skills by considering the next progression in their career, the CISP® program.


The Coursework:

Course 1: CSDR Introduction

The objectives of Course 1 are to familiarize you with the CSDR™ program and learning methods, identify many of the unique attributes associated with an Inside Sales Professional, and introduce the AA-ISP Code of Ethics. As the profession of Inside Sales continues to grow and take on increased significance, the AA-ISP feels it is important to establish and maintain a Code of Ethics to ensure that professional standards for Inside Sales are adopted and maintained.

Course 2: Research and Preparation

In this course, students review a variety of tactics which are critical to an Inside Sales Professional’s (ISP’s) research and preparation for prospecting, including how to:

  • Find contact information and other information specific to the targeted organization and individual
  • Review ways to “personalize” a call or e-mail
  • Set key goals for successful sales prospecting
  • Measure progress against set goals
Course 3: Components of a Successful Sales Prospecting Call

In this course, students review the components of a successful first call to a prospect, commonly referred to as the Prospecting Call, cold call, or warm call. This course will include the following:

  • Knowledge and skills required to conduct an effective Prospecting Call
  • Ways to move to the Discovery and Qualification phase
  • Decision criteria for where to move the prospect next, i.e. virtual or face-to-face meeting, a referral to another more appropriate executive, email follow-up, or a future scheduled call based on needs and timing.
Exam: CSDR - Assessment Center and Scheduling

The Final Examination overview will help the CSDR™ candidate effectively prepare for the final examination. The final exam grading outline is examined along with a recorded example of an effective “live” role play.

Certified Sales Development Representative


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Earners of the Certified Sales Development Representative certification will learn essential skills that are critical to an Inside Sales Professional’s (ISP’s) research and preparation for prospecting. They will acquire the skills to find contact information & other information specific to the targeted organization & individual, conduct pre-research on every prospect, set goals & expectations for prospecting calls, conduct an effective prospecting call using warm and cold calling tactics. This online sales certification course is a product of APACSMA!


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