Sales Relationship Advanced Certification Program

Sales Relationship Advanced Certification Program

Relationship Intelligence ® Advanced Certification is a 12-week program for entrepreneurs and individuals interested in perfecting their sales strategies. At the core of the Relationship Intelligence ® Advanced Certification Program is the concept of Relationship Selling. 

Relationship Selling is about practicing sales as an act of friendship not as a process of negotiation. It is an intricate balance between relationship building and selling. It is important to make the sale (to generate revenue), but it is equally important to build and maintain business relationships with your customers (to generate future revenue and customer loyalty). 


Module 1 - Profitable Business Relationships

Relationship selling is about practicing as an act of friendship not as a process of negotiation. Relationship selling is an intricate balance between relationship building and selling. 

Module 2 - Reputation Management

Reputation management involves the creation of your reputation, the expansion of it to reach more people, and the management of it to keep it the way you want it to be.

Module 3 - Sales Metrics

The customer must be viewed as a valued asset to the company. In other words, without customers to buy products, what purpose does selling take? 

Module 4 - The 8 Principles Competencies

Understanding needs and wants deals with the assessing competency. It is crucial to identify (or assess) both the needs and the wants of the customer. 

Module 5 - Up-Serving

Brand insistence means simply getting to the point where ultimately they are saying, “I realize I can buy from somebody else but I’m not interested, I will wait if I have to.” 

Module 6 - Create a Sales Culture

Any relationship, including a business relationship, is built on three elements: commitment from both parties, open communication, and clear agreements.

Module 7 - Face to Face Selling

The non-responsive person, one who just sits there and gives you nothing, is the toughest to confirm a sale. Be careful in this situation not to get nervous and talk more. 

Module 8 - The Changing Way People Buy

Your digital appearance to customers is the subject line of your email. This is the first thing customers see and it is what they notice and use to determine whether they want to go forward. 

Module 9 - Sales Negotiation

The three primary elements in negotiation are: power, information, and time. Those who have all of these components place themselves on a better footing to have successful negotiations. 

Module 10 - Reading People

The Acorn principle is based on the idea that everyone has a seed within them that represents the nature of who they are. 

Module 11 -Selling in Fast Times

Having lots of people collaborate is often referred to as open planning. Though this may be a military term, this has relevant application to the sales world. 

Module 12 -The Sales Mindset

Everything starts with how we think, and when we get the thinking right, we will get the selling right. Your attitude is very important. 


Students will receive an Advance Certification in Relationship Intelligence .

Relationship Intelligence Advanced Certification Program


  1. All prices quoted are in USD. This purchase includes sales mindset assessment.
  2. Students can choose from 3 Learning Options:
    1. Online Only – This gives you access to the online self-study sessions only.
    2. Online + Coaching with APACSMA Team of Experts and a session with Jim Cathcart.
    3. Online + Premium Coaching with Jim Cathcart.

This is a 12-week experience that will help you discover the true purpose of selling and improve your relationship intelligence. During the Relationship Intelligence ® Advanced Certification Program, you will have access to module videos, certified curriculum, assessment exercises, social communities, text, chat, checklists, alerts, reminders and live sessions with Zeenath Kuraisha, Jim Cathcart and John Maxwell Certified Expert coach for high-frequency engagement. 


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