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The Certified Inside Sales Manager Certification program [CISM] is the perfect mix of online learning and experiential training that supports critical knowledge, sales skills, attributes, and people skills for Inside Sales Leadership. As a modern-day sales manager, it is imperative to have the people, sales, and management skills necessary to build and scale a winning inside sales team.

Sales professionals opting for this certification are required to earn 10-12 credits (minimum) by picking from the available online course options. This also includes the required final Certified Inside Sales Manager Certification (CISM) Capstone Project.

Also, If you want to sharpen a specific skill without taking the entire course, APACSMA makes it easy: just choose the specific skill and simply enroll for that individual course. 

ATTENTION: This Inside Sales Certification course follows strict criteria, which means not everyone is eligible for CISM. In order to apply, you must be an Inside Sales Manager/Leader or an Inside Sales Professional with a passion to make a career in Inside Sales Leadership.

Why You Want This Sales Management Certification

Most sales managers are former high-achieving salespeople who have been promoted to the position. They may be experts at inside sales but don’t necessarily know how to lead or manage a team. If you’re a new sales manager or trying to become a manager, this certification course is essential. In it, you’ll learn how to hire, onboard, create a scalable sales process, implement training, call coaching, and how to reward and motivate your sales team to achieve success.

Sales is based on performance, and performance is based on the skills you have to get the job done. As a manager, it is your responsibility to make sure your team continually sharpens their skills and training in inside sales best practices. This will not only help increase your team’s sales, it puts you in a better position for management growth and career opportunities. APACSMA will help position you for a better, higher-paying sales management career.

This Inside Sales Manager Certification Course Will Help You:

  • Learn industry standards and best practices from industry leaders
  • Establish yourself as an industry expert
  • Learn how to present the value of Inside Sales and get both stakeholder and team adoption
  • Manage Inside Sales team creation and growth
  • Amplify the value of your efforts in Inside Sales with the help of compensation and reward systems.
  • Gain practical knowledge through the Capstone Project

The Coursework:

Each of these courses prepares a sales manager to handle the day to day sales management of an inside sales team, from hiring to inside sales training, managing and instituting sales compensation programs as well as how to hire people with the necessary skills for building your sales team.

Course 1: The Role & Essential Activities of the Inside Sales Manager

This course equips Inside Sales Managers with the ability to set goals and understand the key activities and best practices required to effectively manage and lead an Inside Sales Team, including:

  • Pipeline management
  • 1:1’s
  • Team meetings
  • QBR’s and more
Course 2: Selling the Value of Inside Sales

The Inside Sales function has seen tremendous shifts in recent years which puts Managers in a constant state of justification. This course helps you to prove the value of your team and your process through:

  • Business case approaches
  • Key benefits of an expanding your team
  • An understanding of the pitfalls and challenges associated with expansion
  • Methods for overcoming common resistance from within your organization
Course 3: Designing & Implementing a New Inside Sales Team

This course is designed to provide practical direction for Leaders tasked with building a new Inside Sales program. This course content includes:

  • The scope of the sales process
  • The roles needed to achieve business goals
  • Plans for scalability and success
Course 4: Sales Coverage Models for Inside Sales Organizations

Whether you are new to Inside Sales management or have years of experience, this course will provide the following:

  • An understanding of successful sales models and structures for Inside Sales teams
  • Industry insights to improve your current model
  • Competencies to manage new types of Inside Sales teams
  • Best practices from varying sales structures
Course 5: Compensation Plan Design for Inside Sales

Driving and rewarding performance through an effective compensation plan is an important part of leading an Inside Sales team and/or Organization. This course includes:

  • Different compensation plan components, strategies and methods
  • Best practices for compensating inside sales representatives
  • Ways to justify your compensation plan for the business
Course 6: Inside Sales Hiring

Good programs start with good hires. Inside Sales Professionals are a unique role in many organizations. This course outlines offers best practices in following areas:

  • Assessment
  • Interviewing
  • Hiring and on-boarding
  • “Right fitting” your hires for an optimal team
Course 7: Managing Performance of Inside Sales Professionals

For an Inside Sales Leader to drive results, he or she must have a clear handle on how to enable each Inside Sales Representative to hit goals and deliver their best performance. This course focuses on the tools to do that such as:

  • Metric setting
  • KPI’s and goals
  • Managing performace
  • Using scorecards
  • Implementing corrective action
Course 8: Call Coaching for Inside Sales

Call Coaching is a critical component of Inside Sales performance management. This course equips Managers to do so through:

  • A call coaching process
  • Best practices for effective interactions
  • Tools to coach team members performing at different levels
Course 9: Inside Sales Rewards & Recognition Programs

Compensation is one component of Reward and Recognition, but there are many other drivers to help ensure the optimal and consistent performance of your team. This course provides guidance on setup and implementation of Rewards and Recognition programs unique to Inside Sales.

Accreditation Process

After completing their selected courses, candidates will undertake a final Capstone Project. As a student of the AISM® program, you design a Capstone Project that is most relevant to you and the courses you developed throughout the program. Use a real team or organizational issue, challenge, or opportunity to truly make your AISM® experience a personal and professional success. Students present their Capstone Project virtually to the AISM® Certification Board, and upon final Board approval, successful candidates are awarded the AISM® credential.

Re-Certification Process

Passing the AISM® coursework and final Capstone Project earns you a certification that lasts for a 3 year period. To keep your certification current, you must earn a five (5) Continuing Executive Development (CED) credits every year after the initial 3-year period. Here are some ways our AISM® recipients stay active:

  • Participate in a local AA-ISP Chapter Meeting (1 credit)
  • Attend a National AA-ISP Conference (4 Credits)
  • Attend an AA-ISP webinar on Management or Leadership Topic (1 credit)
  • Misc. learning opportunities (ie: webinars, white papers, non AA-ISP seminars, etc.) may be submitted for credit. (1 to 4 credits)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there an exam for the CISM course?

a. Yes. A live sales role-play will be conducted virtually by an accredited Auditor.

Q2. How long can I access the platform?

a. 1 year

Q3. Duration of the CISM course?

a. This is a self-paced program. Depending on the time the student invests, you can complete this program within 2-4 or 6 weeks.

Q4. Is this online sales certification recognized globally?

a. Yes. This sales certification is recognized by most Inside Sales Organizations and is supported by both APACSMA and The Global Inside Sales Association.

Q5. What is the cost for the CISM course?

See our product cart. Members are charged at USD 2,500 and Non-Members are charged at USD 2,600.

Q6. When is the class starting?

This is a self-paced, online program. This means that as soon as payment is made and you are enrolled in the course, you will be informed of your orientation with your live instructor. You will get a User ID and password for you to start whenever you decide. Your progress will be tracked online by your instructor.

Certified Inside Sales Manager + 4 Leadership Coaching Sessions


All prices quoted are in USD.

Sales professionals with the CISM certification acquire a wide skillset regarding Inside Sales Management.

This certification not only helps in understanding the role of ISM’s but also to articulate the importance of the Inside Sales function. This further includes skills like call coaching, execution of annual strategies, sales coverage models, and performance management of ISRs.

This online inside sales certification course is a proprietary product of APACSMA!


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