High Impact Leadership Transition Program

Organizational Leadership

This course is for those who are in a leadership role and experiencing crisis within or outside of their organization.  You will be equipped with the necessary skills and strategies in managing and leading yourself, the people, the organization and the external environment.  “In a crisis, the real leader shows up.” 

  • Calibrate the true meaning of Leadership 
  • Essential Leadership skills in times of crisis 
  • Managing people effectively and efficiently 
  • Leading your organization with impact 
  • Crisis management and communication to get positive results 


Module 1 - Introduction to Leadership

Leadership is the process of actions and operations, creativity and emotions of mind, body and soul. Leader is the one who inspires (Self/Others) for the fulfilment of the mind, body, nature and the activities of the environment to a particular purpose in business, career and life.

Module 2 - Understanding the Why in Leadership and Leadership Profiling

Discover instant insights about your leadership profile

Module 3 - Mastering Leadership

Mastering Leadership offers a developmental pathway to bring forth the highest and best use of yourself, your life, and your leadership

Module 4 - Creating and Communicating Vision

How do you create a vision? Dream big. Develop your personal vision. Develop a vision for your community, group, or organization. Clarify your vision.

Module 5 - People Engagement

People engagement is the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel toward their places of work.

Module 6 - Principles of a Great Organisation

The Types and Roles of Managers within the Organization. Organizational structure is important in driving the business

Module 7 - Building a Great Organisation

Each culture has different tactics and unique qualities. But, universally, culture is about the employees and making sure they have a fun and productive working

Module 8 - Crisis Communication & Management

Crisis management is a process designed to prevent or lessen the damage a crisis can inflict on an organization and its stakeholders

High Impact Leadership Transition Program


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This course comes with additional coaching at USD 1000. Request for an invoice to add-on the coaching separately. 

The training will focus on 4 areas of practical leadership in the new normal today – Leading yourself, the people, the organization, and the external environment.   

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