Certificate in Virtual Sales

Certificate in Virtual Sales

The Certificate in Virtual Selling is designed to meet the rising demand for virtual selling skills. Through research we know that the buying process has been shifting towards virtual over the past decade. Both inside and field-based sales professionals need to have the appropriate skills and knowledge about best practices in virtual selling… from how to place a webcam and lighting, to hosting a video conference, to virtual prospecting and account management, and much more.

Given the recent disruption in selling due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all sales professionals have been thrust into a new environment. Besides working from home, reps must be skilled and proficient in everything virtual.

The Global Sales industry believes that the future will continue to shift towards virtual selling. Even when we get back to “normal”, sales professionals will need to be experts in communicating, building rapport and trust, prospecting, engaging, and closing deals without necessarily meeting their client in person. Live 2- way video has been exploding in usage in the past year or so and is now pretty much a requirement for all sales.

Virtual selling skills is now a “must have” and all leaders should consider equipping their sales teams with this certificate program.

Certificate in Virtual Sales Coursework Overview:

Course 1: Setting Up Your Virtual Workspace

a. Routine & Boundaries
b. The Space
c. Office Essentials
d. Video Essentials

Course 2: *Online Tools & Technologies

a. Virtual Best Practices with Technology Adoption
i. CRM
ii. Video
iii. E-Mail
iv. Phone
v. Instant Messaging

b. Helpful Virtual Tools
i. Sales Engagement Platforms
ii. Scheduling Tools
iii. E-signature
iv. Conversation Intelligence & Analysis


*Individual technologies best practices are agnostic and not brand specific.

Course 3: Virtual Meeting Best Practices

a. Use of Video – Technical Tips and Best Practices
i. Camera, Lighting and your Background
ii. Audio
iii. Dress Code
iv. Body Language

b. Virtual Meetings
i. Scheduling the Meeting
ii. Meeting Prep
iii. The Intro & Agenda
iv. How to Engage the Audience
v. Use of Video Conferencing Features

Course 4: Virtual Prospecting & Discovery

a. Pre-Call Research
b. Measurements & Goals
c. Personalization
d. Virtual Prospecting Best Practices
e. Discovery Calls and Best Practices
f. Verbal Attributes & Communications

Course 5: Virtual Product Demos & Sales Presentations

a. Best Times for Scheduling Demos
b. Using Discovery in a Demo
c. Virtual Demo Best Practices
d. Presenting Value
e. Handling Objections
f. Advancing the Sales & Securing Next Steps

Course 6: Virtual Account Management

a. Best Practices in Virtual Account & Territory Management
b. Best Practices in Virtual Channel/Partner Management
c. Virtual Referral Best Practices
d. Account & Territory Management Planning

Course 7: Virtual Leadership - Leadership Program Only

a. Virtual Coaching
b. Performance Management
c. Motivating Remote Teams
d. Remote Leadership Best Practices
e. Maintaining Your Culture – Virtually

Certificate in Virtual Sales


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Earners of this Certificate in Virtual Sales course will adopt the online tools and technology to work virtually with email, phone, videos and CRM system. They will learn the best practices for virtual meeting, discovery calls, prospecting, product demos, virtual account and territory management, and partner/channel management. This online sales certification course is a product of APACSMA.


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