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APACSMA partners with the world’s leading sales associations, institutions and industry bodies to bring award-winning sales courses, accredited certifications, Diploma in Sales, Degree in Sales right to your fingertips. APACSMA develops and brings practical industry ready courses. Plug in with us and get skilled!

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The Sales fundamentals are the foundation for a sales starter. Both the soft skills, sales code of ethics, digital foundation and prospect research are keys to success in operating at the local environment. 

Soft Skills For Sales Success

A sales professional will never be successful if he / she doesn’t have the basic essential soft skills. Mandatory soft skills include

  • Grooming [Fields and Video Calls]
  • Communications skills – Oral and Written
  • Active Listening
  • Rapport building
  • Finer skills – Being real, authentic and shoeing genuine care and concern
  • Basic human to human relationship building skills
  • Handling conflicts, handling difficult customers and tough conversations
  • Building Trust
  • EQ
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management

You can find tons of articles, online videos and lots of trainers providing these training online or workshops or 1:1 coaching to polish up your weak areas. Find one online. If you can’t, we are happy to recommend a few good ones. Most of our courses already have components of the above covered and students can always use the coaching and mentoring virtual office hours to discuss or practice these skills requirements.

Ethical Sales - Basic Code of Ethics

Professional Registration is a visible signal to customers about placing trust and ethics at the centre of engagements. The Sales Code Of Conduct course and exam serves as a moral compass to maintain the highest standards of integrity in all business relationships, provides customers with a buying experience in which we do the right thing and thereby get the right results and promotes and protects good sales practices that are within the law. There is a 40 minute examination with around 35 questions. Each license entitles the user to three attempts at the registration.

To register yourself for this exam and be recognized as a Registered Sales Professional, contact us at 

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APAC SMA’s suite of sales specialization programme allows you to select and master your area of interest or your area of expertise. This could be in account management, telesales / inside sales, digital sales, social selling, channel sales or in customer success.

It takes you in depth into the respective fields and equips you with the necessary know-how complemented with necessary experiential learning for you to gain the confidence for you to achieve your role objectives and achieve your sales objectives.

Certified Sales Development Representative

The objectives of Course is to familiarize you with the CSDR® program and learning methods, identify many of the unique attributes associated with an Inside Sales Professional, and introduce the Inside Sales Code of Ethics. As the profession of Inside Sales continues to grow and take on increased significance, we feel it is important to establish and maintain a Code of Ethics to ensure that professional standards for Inside Sales are adopted and maintained.

In this course, students review a variety of tactics which are critical to an Inside Sales Professional’s (ISP’s) research and preparation for prospecting, including how to:

  • Find contact information and other information specific to the targeted organization and individual
  • Review ways to “personalize” a call or e-mail
  • Set key goals for successful prospecting
  • Measure progress against set goals
  • review the components of a successful first call to a prospect, commonly referred to as the Prospecting Call, cold call, or warm call
  • Knowledge and skills required to conduct an effective Prospecting Call
  • Ways to move to the Discovery and Qualification phase
  • Decision criteria for where to move the prospect next, i.e. virtual or face-to-face meeting, a referral to another more appropriate executive, email follow-up, or a future scheduled call based on needs and timing
Certified Inside Sales Representative

This course is for individuals taking on Inside Sales also known as Tele-based lead generation and sales role and for organizations looking to formalize the standards for Inside Sales organization. This course has 10 modules where it covers the inside sales code of ethics, prepares you for a business environment where you are able to handle cold and warm calls, engage in discovery and qualification, present solutions, handle objections, effectively use email and voicemail communications, close and convert the prospects to the next stages.

Certified Social Selling Specialist

Learn how to make more sales faster and easier using social selling techniques. Increase sales performance by up to 400% by adopting digital and social selling tools. This course is ideal for inside or outside sales people, consultants and sales representatives of all levels, business development executives and managers, account managers, relationship managers and those leading sales teams, or anyone looking to develop their digital sales capabilities.

The Introduction to Digital Selling will help you understand the concept of digital selling, how it has transformed the sales process, and how you can leverage advanced tools and techniques to become a prolific digital seller. You will understand the difference between traditional and digital selling methods and the benefits that can be gained from adopting a digital selling approach to your current sales activities. You will explore the key concepts that will be covered in each module, how they relate to each phase of the sales process and, most importantly, how the learnings from each phase will inform the next. This course consists of a total of 10 modules covering Sales Enablement, CRM, Social Content, Digital Sales Messaging, Engagement, Social Account Management, Digital Sales Leadership and Strategy.

Certificate Sales Executive

This course teaches field sales professionals the basics to communications, how to deliver sales presentations and demos, the ability to understand needs and present appropriate solutions, negotiate, handle objections, close sales and identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. This helps an individual to be able to confidently step out to connect and sell in in-person situations.

most popular sales training programs

APAC SMA’s sales management programs groom sales professionals with minimum experience of four years and above who aspire to or have been identified to be promoted as sales managers. The courses prepare them for and hone their managerial skills, equips them with essential sales management skills required such as sales strategy and planning for growth and learning how to bring out the best in their teams.

Accredited Inside Sales Manager

Similar to the Certified Sales Manager course, the AISM grooms and develops future and current inside sales managers, preparing individuals to take on an inside sales managerial position, to be able to lead a team of inside sales or tele sales professionals. It covers the role and essential activities of an ISM (Inside Sales Manager), hiring the right sales professionals, compensation planning, managing ISR performance, call coaching skills, designing motivational sales rewards and recognition programs to be able to handle any kind of complex situations and issues within the ISP organization. The accreditation is awarded after the successful completion of a capstone project and presentation.

Certified Sales Manager

This course focuses on managing day to day management and operations of a Sales department or multiple sales departments at a subsidiary or regional scope. It covers

  • building and managing sales teams
  • basic forecasting and budgeting
  • setting targets, designing Key Performance Areas for success
  • compensation designs
  • managing poor performance, coaching, motivating sales professionals
  • enabling tools for efficiencies and productivity ramp
  • drafting and optimizing sales processes
  • planning sales activities to achieve corporate sales strategies
  • developing sales proposals & quotations
  • boardroom communications and presentation skills

This course leads to a Level 5 Diploma in Advance Sales Professionalism upon passing the assessment criteria with a Certified Sales Manager title from Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy.

Certified Sales Leader

This program prepares a new sales leader to develop and manage the following:

  • Sales strategy and planning for growth
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Developing strategic relationships and partnerships for success
  • Understanding and developing your Leadership persona
  • Forecasting and budgeting at business unit level
  • Managing sales related change
  • Crisis communications
  • Managing sales enablement
  • Sales talent management
  • Selling with partners
  • Building high performing teams
  • Objective setting
  • Devising sales strategies to align to customer procurement
  • Provide sales leadership to sales team
  • Enabling Key Performance Areas for success

Upon completion, the student is awarded with Level 6 Diploma in Chartered Sales Professionalism upon passing the assessment criteria with a Certified Sales Leader title from Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy.

Recommended Global Sales And Career Pathway

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Sales operations is a set of business activities and processes that help a sales organization run effectively, efficiently and in support of business strategies and objectives. Sales process designs, sales team design, sales force allocation, team design, talent management, sales compensation design, territory analysis, KPI and commissions management, forecasting and reporting. 

We provide this as a 1:1 coaching session. Register your interest

help you learn sales techniques

To be able to understand influencing metrics that matters, learn how to report it, understand and interpret reports to provide strategic guidance on achieving future corporate objectives, basic sales dashboard, sales data analysis, sales BI and boardroom presentation.

We take on registrations for 1:1 coaching and mentoring. Register your interest at

Understand sales tech tools, the importance and role of sales systems, the selection of right tools to improve sales effectiveness and productivity.

There are many tools and technologies out there and finding one could be challenging. Happy to recommend a few based on a consultation of your needs and requirements for a small consultation fees. If you require to learn this, we can do a 1:1 coaching.

Register your interest at

This role enables you to craft out necessary skills required to support current and strategic growth, hiring, interviewing and selecting of the right sales candidates, manage the sales compensation plan and letter of offer, manage the appraisal process, manage poor performance, ensure candidates go through sales new hire inductions and works as a HR business partner to fulfill sales succession planning.

If you require to learn this, we can do a 1:1 coaching. Register your interest at

This is an important role that crafts out professional sales skills development for the sales organization. This role is involved in identifying and nailing down skills, competency mapping, curriculum, syllabus and content requirement including skills assessments, identifying strategic needs of the business to identify appropriate course required, selection of internal subject experts and external vendors where needed to achieve objectives, manage training budgets and certifications where needed.

We provide this as a service to all our L&D clients. If you want to learn this skills, register your interest at

This is a complex and very senior role that requires that deep dive experience to be able to deliver a training in the relevant subject areas. This is a very specialized and personalized accreditation  that is either by invitation via the company for someone to be promoted, or someone who is applying for a training role in a specific subject or for a vendor training organization requiring to get an APAC SMA license to deliver.

In all instances, this is by write-in-only request to with the resume and areas of interest. Successfully shortlisted candidates will go through an interview followed by a train the trainer program plan following successful approval from the interview.



Industry Advisory Council

Our corporate training programs are informed and validated by the world’s most influential sales institutions such as AA-ISP and APS.


Professional Certification

With thousands of graduates worldwide, ASP, AA-ISP and APAC SMA combined have trained more professionals to a sales education standard than any other certification body.



Investing in the learning and development of your staff will help increase productivity, reduce employee churn and enhance customer engagement and thus increase in revenue through sales performance.


Sales Skills Assessment

Our proprietary diagnostic tool can assess the skills of your workforce and help us tailor sales programs to meet your needs.

expert-led content

Expert-led Content

The content of our learning programs are designed by experts to provide a high level of competency with skills that can be instantly applied to any role.


Drive Digital Transformation

Arm your workforce with digital marketing and sales skills to kickstart or progress the digital transformation of your organization.


Up-to-date Curriculum and Content

Our content is carefully crafted, reviewed and updated on a continuous basis with the advise of industry experts from the likes of ASP and AA-ISP.


Flexible Study Options

Enjoy 24-hour access to video lectures, slide presentations, practical exercises, interactive quizzes and a supportive student network. Never fear missing a class again.


Your Investment Is Safe With Us

At APACSMA, we believe that our priority lies with ensuring top notch value adding sales and marketing courses so that your investment pays off.

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