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The core units cover the extremely important areas of sales strategy, planning and implementation, developing strategic relationships, business leadership and management. The range of optional units allows learners the scope to choose those areas most relevant to them, as follows; salesforce organisation, sales talent management, forecasting and budgeting, managing sales related change, managing sales enablement, developing strategic relationships, and selling with partners.


Module 1 - Developing sales strategies and plans [Mandatory]

Assessment Module = APACSMAL6M601.

Module 2 - Developing strategic relationships with major customers [Mandatory]

Assessment Module = APACSMAL6M602.

Module 3 - Sales Procurement for Strategic Solution Selling [Mandatory]

Devise sales strategies to suit customer procurement practices.


Assessment Module: APACSMA L6M603.

Module 4 - Customer and Account Growth and Retention

Plan for customer and organisation continuous improvement.


Assessment: APAC SMA L6M608.

Module 5 - Sales Enablement [Mandatory]

Provide strategic leadership and management in sales.


Assessment Module: APACSMA L6M604

Module 6 - Sales Enablement II

Use intelligence and insight for sales related change.


Assessment: APAC SMA L6M607.

Module 7 - Talent Management

Use commercial acumen and psychology in salesforce organisation.


Assessment: APACSMA L6M605.

Module 8 - Salesforce Forecasting and Budgeting

Assessment: APAC SMA L6M606.

Assessment and Exam Matters

Exam Methodology

An examiner will set up a time with you to conduct the assessment at a separate time or may incorporate the assessment after each module.

Assessment details will be shared with students / to-be sales leaders for advance preparation.

Professionals going through Prior Learning Assessment will not have the advance preparation guidance shared to validate their existing skills for gap audit. However what is expected and the format of the assessment will be shared prior to the assessment date.


Students will receive a Certificate in Sales Leadership by Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy upon completion and passing of all modules.

Students are eligible for an APS Diploma in Chartered Sales Professionalism  [APS/601D] awarded by Association of Professional Sales, UK upon passing all modules. There will be an additional Fees of USD 1500 for this certification.


Total Credit for APS Diploma is 40.

What happens after I have taken the exam?

Assessments will be recorded and submitted for review by APAC SMA Education Team. You will be notified by email within 4 weeks on the results.

Examiners results are final and no disputes are entertained. Students will be informed on areas they can improve prior to re-assessment. Students wishing to retake the assessment can do so for USD 1500 and reattempting a particular module can be discussed with APACSMA.

e-Cert will be emailed upon successful passing and a notice will be sent to within 8 weeks.  Results will be emailed to official email address registered with APAC SMA.

Next Recommended Progression

For those going for APS Certification – Learners who achieve this qualification can progress onto the APS Level 6 Graduate Degree Sales Apprenticeship and can use unit credits already achieved as there is unit overlap with the Graduate Degree qualification. They can also progress using their CPD programme or onto other relevant qualifications eg. Level 7 MA and MBA programmes.

The Association of Professional Sales Agents
Sales Leadership and Management training course

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