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With nearly one-third of the world’s population – 2.34 billion people – accessing social networks on a regular basis, the impact of social media is undeniable. Knowing how to use these channels to distribute content, engage with customers and drive traffic is crucial to modern business success.

That’s why this professional certification can make a real difference in your life. Industry aligned, it can help you stand out from the crowd and highlight your capabilities. It can boost your credibility. It can transform you into a specialist in your field.

Become a leader in your industry by becoming a certified social media

The Coursework:

There are ten modules in this program: taking you from the very basics to proper integration and practical usage.

Module 1: Social Research

The Social Research module will introduce you to the key social media concepts and equip you with the research tools and techniques needed to discover everything you need to know about your audience, competitors, cultural and industry trends.

Module 2: Content Creation

This module equips you with the knowledge and skills to resource a content management function, to target your audience, select your platform and make use of social listening and competitor analysis.

Module 3: Content Outreach

You’ll be introduced to the concept of content seeding and how to use content effectively over multiple social platforms. You will acquire an understanding of how to promote content and the importance of paid promotion for relevant, highly shareable content.

Module 4: Facebook

The Facebook module provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how Facebook works as a platform for community building, content marketing and brand promotion.

Module 5: Twitter

This module equips you with the knowledge of how Twitter operates and the value it represents for businesses as a marketing and promotion platform.

Module 6: LinkedIn

The LinkedIn module gives you a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of using LinkedIn for marketing purposes. You will learn LinkedIn-specific features which will help you to facilitate campaign objectives.

Module 7: Social Apps

Going beyond basic features and vanity metrics, you will learn how to navigate app-based platforms; Instagram and Snapchat, and discover the features that can be leveraged to deliver real measurable results in unique, creative and interactive ways.

Module 8: Social Video

The Social Video module will introduce you to the concept of social video marketing. Focusing on YouTube, you will learn how to leverage the creative life cycle for audience development and advertising in order to build sustainable communities for lead generation.

Module 9: Marketing Automation

The Marketing Automation module aims to empower digital marketers to automate their marketing processes in the areas of lead management, lead generation, lead nurturing, sales enablement, social media marketing automation and customer evangelism.

Module 10: Strategy and Planning

Through the Strategy & Planning module you will learn how planning, researching, setting objectives, preparation, execution and learning are the key components of a successful social media strategy and ROI.

Certification Process

The assessment is based on a formal computer-based examination that will measure an individuals’ knowledge and digital marketing proficiency following completion of the program.

The duration of the exam is 180 minutes.

A range of different question formats are used including Text based Multiple Choice;  Imagebased Multiple Choice, Matching and Hot Spot questions.

Our computer-based examinations are delivered through the Pearson VUE test center network which comprises over 5,200 centers in 180 countries. We choose to deliver our exams through Pearson VUE as it provides students with a quality, consistent examination, no matter where they are in the world.

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 Did you know that 81% of graduates have been promoted since completing our digital selling course?

  • Understand the foundation principles of social media marketing
  • Distinguish between traditional and social media marketing
  • Understand the dimensions of audience research to define the needs, wants and goals of your audience
  • Create a framework for identifying and performing competitor analysis
  • Investigate the key components of cultural and trend research to inform your social media campaigns
  • Analyze data and extract actionable insights to inform the creation of a social media marketing strategy

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Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Social


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