A few sales basics: Acronyms, tech, and tools

There has always been and continues to be, a world of opportunity in sales for driven, motivated people. But sales has also changed from back in the day when people used to go door to door, or even just wait for customers to come walking in through the front door of an office building. But now there’s so much potential with digital connections, but there are also so many ways to fail, especially if you let information and data get the best of you. Fortunately, there are lots of programs and data management options that help you not only manage your customer base but inform people about how you can serve their needs with accurate quotes. That also means you can measure and optimize various parts of the process to find out where weaknesses and strengths are moving forward. How do you do that? This graphic can help moving forward to more successful sales.

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How to Get Started in Sales: Acronyms, Tech, and Tools

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