The Future of Sales Enablement

Since the advent of the sales, the new term, sales enablement has been around. Many have been puzzled what it is, what it does and what are its benefits, but if you go into details sales enablement is the umbrella term for various classification including training, coaching, content management, knowledge management and more. Its most special benefit is to help sales reps to close the deal and drive revenue by providing the most exceptional customer service at each of the customer’s buying journey. But today the situation has changed.

Buyers Have Taken the Full Control Of The Sales Cycle

Buyers are engaging themselves more than ever before. They are now more informed, well-educated. They don’t need a seller to help them to identify their needs. Buyers are finding content on their own through publicly available data and by networking with peers. As the buyer equipped themselves with great knowledge, they have a higher expectation with the seller.

Today, the seller is more like a consultant to the buyers who simplifies their decision-making process. They don’t come up as an aggressive seller but like a helpful consultant who wants to make their prospect life easier by providing informative content to them.

The Future of Sales Enablement

The sales enablement process will become an essential part of the financial health of the organisations. There will be the integration of the sales enablement process with various new trends.

The Power Of Internet And Social Media

As the internet and digital media keeps on placing more information and data, connectivity between the customers’ increases. In such a case, the sales enablement process in the near future will incline more towards the mobile environment. The tools and platforms associated with mobile devices will provide more and accurate information and insights about the client’s behaviors, needs, and requirements to the sales rep.
Constantly, individuals are becoming prospects and leads for the sales rep who uses social media in an unexpected way. Integrations of sales tool like CRM with social media enables the sales rep to predict future prospect’s behaviors, wants and needs as well as they get the insights from their current status.

The Advancement Of Artificial Intelligent (AI)

Business organisation has been continuously looking for ways to improve their efficiency and productivity in order to sell more. The advancement of new technologies has changed the customer and employee interaction, facilitating them to communicate their offerings in a more persuasive manner. Artificial Intelligent (AI) is making its way into smarter sales by providing sales automation, predictive leads scoring and guided selling. This will enable the sales reps to be more effective in responding to the prospects by looking into the data. AI will become the part of the customers’ buyers journey at each point when the sales reps interact with prospects through call, text, or emails and this collection of data will help the companies to understand their problems better and earlier, all by saving time and increasing productivity. 

By broadening sales and marketing knowledge, this powerful machine learning and AI helps in suggesting the right content to the right person and at the right time. This will improve the customer experience from the very first point of interaction and sales rep would be able to create a trusting relationship with their prospects which will result in improving productivity. Sales enablement is now considered as the essential and necessary function of the business organisation. Business which has incorporated sales enablement are now closing more deals and enjoying profitability.

To get strong hold on AI in sales enablement and data-based sales it is necessary and important for the organisation to provide special training to their sales rep.

Importance Of Sales Training

In the near future it will become essential for the organisation to provide proper training to their sales reps working in sales enablement. Once the sales reps receive expert training on technology, content, and process they are using, they will be significantly more successful in closing deals. Training should no longer be held in the board room instead should take place outside the office areas and the courses should also be customised for the sales team based on industries and organisations. The organisations should follow the more structured approach for training where sales reps would able to access the training modules and videos, anytime, anywhere as per their convenience. These modules and videos should be self-guided learning tools for example recorded videos and webinars and these learning tools should be delivered right into the inbox of sales reps. These interactive, innovative and customised online courses will empower the sales team to learn in the most structured and effective ways.

Demand For Strategic And Target Sales Process

As per the new trend, the sale becomes more personalised and account-based, there is a need to make the sales process more targeted and strategic. Companies should highlight their services and specializations in various industries and markets by producing case studies, documentation, videos, and presentations. These varieties of content should be created by keeping specific and targeted audiences in mind and the essence of the content should highlight the industry pain points and solutions.

It is the responsibility of the companies to keep their sales reps updated on their focused sales process and inform them if their goals are refocused. Companies should understand sales enablement as the process of opening a relationship rather than just closing deals.

Achieving Mature Sales Enablement By Aligning Sales And Marketing

Sales and marketing departments are often considered as two separate departments but their objectives and goals are the same. With the alignment of sales and marketing, the organisation will have more marketing generating leads which will get converted into sales lead. This will result in faster revenue and profit growth. While the marketing team is not responsible for generating prospects and leads, they play a crucial role in determining the right message to the right person at the right time leading to the ideal sales success.

By collaborating sales and marketing, the organisation will be able to access the granular data on the customers, which will help the sales reps to understand the customer journey in a better and detailed way.
Sales and marketing alignment will leverage the technology to provide sales enablement analytics. The potential use of data-driven strategies will facilitate sales rep to have a larger targeted customer base to close deals faster.

Let The Customer Guides Sales Enablement Process

The most successful sales enablement process is always guided by the customers. Organisation who has align their sales enablement process with customers journey, experience more profitability. To do so, simply align the sales training with customers behaviours and their decision-making process. Customers behaviours changes at each stage of sales funnel. As the sales reps understand the buying behaviour of their customers, they will be able to target their sales tactics to get desired outcomes. Customers behaviours plays a major role in optimizing sales enablement strategy.

Analytics In Sales Enablement Process

It is important to collect the data to identify how customers are reacting to the marketing campaign. Once the database is created on the basis of tools like questionaries’ and surveys, it will become easy to evaluate the return on investment (ROI). The success of sales enablement process depends on the ways the sales reps handle this data. Based on the past experience, marketing and sales campaigns could be personalized and targeted in identifying the customers’ problems. In this way, the content could be personalised to deal with customers on one to one basis. So at the points of sales, the prospects are already more inform and ready to buy.

There are lots of ways to grow and improve. Leverage and implement the benefits of sales enablement process into the functions of your organisation’s success. There are great opportunities waiting to lead the sales team to achieve bigger goals. Technology will play a vital role in helping companies to get there, as well as the alignment of process and customers journey will guide the sales rep to achieve bigger and better. The change is all starting now.

Are you ready?

This is first published by Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy Pte Ltd on 10th October 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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