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I love living and working in Singapore, and I’m grateful I get to call it my home. 

Singapore is a forward-thinking global financial center and is a truly business-centric city-state. Because the Singaporean government is vested in the economic success of its people, Which leads me to e2i.

e2i’s vision is to create solutions for better employment and employability.

e2i is the empowering network for individuals and companies seeking skills and solutions for growth. Their vision is to create solutions for better employment and employability. Singapore wanted to help with the employment crunch. Since 2008, e2i has assisted more than 700,000 individuals through career guidance, professional development, and job matching services. With an extensive network of partners, e2i offers hiring, training and productivity solutions to businesses. 

e2i is discerning

e2i is discerning in who they partner with. They of course want to engage with professionals who can pass on valuable skills to the people seeking to learn. e2i chose APACSMA as a partner because of the curriculum – the only one of its kind that works with industry leaders and associations – to be the platform that provides different types of sales and marketing training.

Thanks to the Singaporean Government, top-notch training is available in a multitude of industries, covering many different, specialized skill sets that will not only keep the sales workforce strong and well trained, but the Singaporean economy as well.

APACSMA is proud to be one of those partners.

Asia Pacific Sales and Marketing Academy (APACSMA) is Singapore based Centre for Sales Excellence and Sales Academy. It specializes in Inside Sales, Digital Sales and Digital Marketing guided selling deep skills training cum education, certification and full client enablement, from process audits, to full support through resource placement and project execution. APACSMA enables Singapore Government FundedPlace-and-Train Programmes (e2i initiative) in Digital, Social and Inside Sales. The programmes are built to stimulate companies in Singapore to hire and skill up local talents. 

We are proud to say that APACSMA is the only partner that e2i has chosen to help in the inside, digital and social sales space. As the inside sales function has grown and expanded, the number of people looking to gain entry into the Sales Development Representative role has exploded and candidates who have the necessary skills to fulfill that role have an edge which helps them to be more comfortable in inside and virtual sales.

Corporations benefit from e2i in that they are able to provide their people with the skills and training they need to succeed. In order to help companies grow and train employees, the Singaporean government provides a training subsidy of $3500 to the companies plus defray costs of up to 70-90% of an employee’s salary for the first 3 months! 

How it works is that the company will engage with APACSMA and contract with them to provide either the Inside Sales or Social Sales Training. Rest of the process is taken care by APACSMA. Company submits salary slips at the end of 4th month and gets their claims credited.

How companies can avail benefits of e2i:

  1. Register their intent
  2. Hire the candidate (minimum 1-year contract)
  3. Choose a course such as Certificate of Inside Sales Professionals (CISP) or Certified Digital & Social Sales Specialist (CDSSS).
  4. Complete 3 months of onboarding – (company pays subsidized fee)
  5. Provide documentation to claim funds at the end of 3 months

This was made to be a simple process for companies and individuals. The focus has and will continue to be the professional and personal development of each person who seeks training to become a true industry professional.

More about e2i inside sales and digital sales funding process  : here

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