Singapore Business Review recognizes APAC SMA CEO with an ‘Executive of the Year – Education’ Award

Singapore Business Review lauded the most exceptional business leaders in Singapore at the recently concluded Management Excellence Awards.

Now on its third year, the Management Excellence Awards recognises exemplary top-level management whose initiatives have brought tangible business gains for their company’s operations.

Zeenath Kuraisha, the Founder and CEO of Asia Pacific Sales and Marketing Academy (APACSMA), who recently won the ‘Executive of the Year for Education‘ is bent on transforming the world of of sales and marketing, one class at a time.

In a recent interview with Singapore Business Review, she shares some of her thoughts on the state of the industry and how things are changing and how APACSMA plays a role in it.

Singapore Business Review went in-depth with Zeenath on her thoughts and opinions on the sales industry in general. The full interview can be found here.

Zeenath comments “Our approach is not just based on theory – it’s based on tested practices, failures, hard-earned data and has practical usage at the core. Our clients and partners trusts us to deliver the best kind of leadership training and organizational leadership, and we nurture that trust by always delivering the highest quality service.”

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