New Place-and-Train Programs for Inside & Digital Sales Professionals by E2i and APAC SMA

We are proud and excited to announce a newly formed partnership between E2i, Employment and Employability Institute of Singapore, and Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy (APAC SMA), aimed to help tackle Singapore’s workforce employability issues through the newest Inside and Digital Sales Foundation Place-and-Train Programmes.

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What are the Inside Sales Foundation and Digital Sales Foundation Programmes all about?

Singapore, one of Asia’s strongest and most popular business hubs, is experiencing the backlash caused by the ever-present technology in all areas of work and life in general. Technology is enabling automation in business, reducing the need for human intervention. This unfortunately means that some occupations are becoming tied to technology, or even becoming obsolete, due to technological advancements causing a ripple effect in some industries.

One additional disruptor is the workforce globalisation, making outsourcing to developing countries an attractive option for many companies.

This means that a big percentile of Singapore’s workforce needs to be retrained, to gain additional skills, or make a career path change, to ensure economic sustainability. Simply put, if the path you are on right now isn’t working – change it: we’re here to help.


How does this work?

APAC SMA, under the agreement with E2i, is looking to place and train up to 40 candidates for Inside Sales and additional 40 for Digital Sales per quarter, in companies hiring skilled inside and digital sales professionals.

We will be matching the best candidates with companies in need of qualified Inside Sales Associates: APAC SMA will provide initial training, a Global Industry Certification and support, enabling the right candidates to gain skills needed for that specific role. All trainees within the programme will be first granted access to world class online training, helping them grasp the skills necessary for the paid on-the-job training they will receive over a prearranged period of three months. After this programme is complete, successful trainees will be offered a position within the company that provided the placement training. Additional benefits of 3-18 months of salary funding potential on special conditions and case by case basis.


Who is eligible for the Inside Sales and Digital Sales Foundation Programmes?

Both companies and individuals are eligible to apply to the APAC SMA Inside Sales and Digital Sales Foundation Programmes, taken they match certain criteria:

  1. Individuals must be:
    • Looking for a full time job in Inside Sales, Digital Sales scope of work
    • Willing to invest time in gaining Global Recognized Certification , fully Employer and Government funded
    • Ready to put their best foot forward
  1. Companies must:
    • Be registered and incorporated in Singapore
    • Seek to employ trained individuals from APAC SMA
    • Deploy the resources into Inside Sales and Digital Sales Scope of Work within the organization i.e. Calling, Admin, Training or any other supporting functions related to Inside and Digital Sales
    • Offer a monthly gross salary of at least $2,500 (basic salary including fixed allowances attracting CPF contribution)
    • Offer permanent employment or a contract lasting at least 12 months
    • Provide On-The-Job training (OJT) within first 3 months of employment period


Do individuals need to have prior inside or digital sales experience?

Candidates don’t need to have prior digital nor inside sales experience explicitly. Prior sales or customer support experience is, however, desirable and will improve the chances of a successful application into the program. We will also take otherwise qualified individuals into account, based on their experience, education, age and skills.


How to apply?

If you believe you or your company fit the criteria described above, or have additional questions about the programme, feel free to contact us for further information. Click on the button below to enquire over email or schedule a call to discuss details.

We will supply you with a list of items needed for a successful application into the programme and guide you through the process, through submission and beyond, ensuring successful adoption of the programme with all parties involved.


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