Don’t Let Your ‘Why’ Die! Or Keeping Your ‘Why’ Alive!

In my previous sharing around Digital Revolution and Start-ups, we shared some thoughts around myths, realities and sentiments around digital revolution and entrepreneurial focus. In this article, let’s look at some of the challenges in keeping focus and clarity and what we can do about them in the face of rapid change. I can’t cover everything but happy to get into an offline discussion if needed to. J

I’m sure all of you may have seen Simon Sinek’s talk on this topic. It is such a basic thing however it’s also interesting to note this is also the hardest part for many in keeping consistency!

What is a Why?

All of us especially start-ups, entrepreneurs or businessman would be able to relay to this. We get a great business idea or a unique innovative idea that could change the world for better or touch someone’s life!

The core values around the main reason to why we started or the strong reason to why we decided to do something we started doing should stay alive within us and we should stay focused in every step of growth!

Well, some of us would say that’s easy but the reality is we may and will come into circumstances where our core values will be questioned, shaken, batteredand tested at times! Do we want to compromise or do we want to stay focused will be a question at that stage!. Only you will be the best to answer that question as all of us have different ‘Whys’ and ‘Purposes’.

Now you may ask, “Aren’t we supposed to evolve and change as we grow our organization?”

Well Yes but at what cost, at what expense, and to what you are risking or giving up to will be the question here!  That’s when the your strength of your ‘Why’ comes in with ‘Why are we doing what we are doing?’ answered.

My ‘Why’…

When I started Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy, I saw a gap in the Sales industry where we had great training programs, however each training provider came up and were trying to evangelize their own methodology and frameworks. If these frameworks were so good, why do sales guys still have tough times to meet their numbers? I felt sales methodologies and frameworks were treated as commodities while sales training were looked upon sales motivational trainers or speakers to infuse temporary motivation that just dies off during times of bad sales days!Nobody really focused on skills!

Next I felt Sales was not a role everybody liked and was treated as something unfavorable due to aggressive and pushy sales guys or commission based model or as tough roles and list continues. While I strongly felt sales was the main lifeline to an organization and had a huge responsibility towards an organization’s success! I see Sales professionals as walking brand ambassadors, educators, advocates, solution providers, advisors, mentors, business guides and many other role depending on the situation, juggling many hats while fulfilling its operational obligations and commitments!

Having said that, I did observe some gaps in personality types desired, skills training availability and the reason to professionalize! I wanted to create more customer focused sales and marketing professionals. I wanted to helpprovide holistic sales skills enablement! An informed sales and marketing individual who can carry the skills with them in every role, a life-long skill enablement and not just temporary motivational booze of false optimism! I wanted people to afford the trainings. I wanted more people to be able to assess the training. I looked for quality education partnerships and certifications of value where people can feel confident and get recognized and employed faster!

In the direction to ensure I work my Why, as an example at one stage I had to wait 2 years in discussion to win a partnership I wanted! I never gave up because my mind was clear because I know that was the one cert all my customers in Inside Sales would need to be successful! I had to keep working on designing assets that co-related to my ‘Whys’, I had to walk the talk, hire similar like-minded individuals and so on…

Challenges in keeping our ‘Whys’ alive!

I also have had tough times too where I was struggling to keep my company profitable and was pushed to change focus, commercialize and diversify my offerings. To be frank, tough times does push us to move away from our initial agendas at times! But I am glad I took some ‘me’ time off to reflect on my next steps.

I had to constantly remind myself to ‘Why am I doing What I am doing’ and to my core values and to the initial reason why I created my company in the first place.

I can share another experience where I observed this start-up company not very long back. They initially started as business secretariat service providers  and switched to marketing and personal branding when business declined and then to content marketing and kept evolving their business to stay relevant and profitable. I  had a hard time trying to understand what was their core expertise and how to engage them. As a consumer, I  couldn’t trust their brand. Their ‘why’ probably (my guess) is to make money.  In another situation, many of us would have come across moms having their family’s happiness as their to ‘why they are doing what they doing!’  For me I chose to live my initial core purpose and value to my world of Inside sales professionals.

Saying Relevant!

Well same goes to everyone – we all have that one reason behind our motivations in both of personal and professional lives, it is that one reason why we exist! Don’t let your ‘Why’ die! Trust me!  People will remember you and your brand to who you or your offering is really about when you stay focused, you give a clear message!

This is a huge topic and I can’t cover everything here. I am happy to share more in a speaking engagement or just write to me to

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