Zeenath Kuraisha Honored for Her Consulting and Leadership Skills

 SINGAPORE, August 14, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Zeenath Kuraisha, Director of WorldWide Tele Consult has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in sales and call center management.

As the director of WorldWide Tele Consult, Ms. Kuraisha has set herself apart from her peers through her expertise in corporate consulting and training, as well as her skills in business management. Drawing on her passions for consulting and providing support to leading companies, she has lent her skills to such prominent names as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and many other leading brands in order to eliminate sales failures and resolve customer experience issues. Through these roles, she has also advanced her skills in the multi-cultural business environment across Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas.

Ms. Kuraisha works to help organizations in both the private and public sectors by improving their organizational structures and operational methods through training and change management. This usually entails improving clients’ marketing, sales and customer operations with the ultimate goal of improving market share. Ms. Kuraisha helps organizations meet or overachieve their revenue objectives while reducing operational costs, which can be passed down to the consumer. Unlike some methods of cost reduction which cut corners and compromise on quality, Ms. Kuraisha’s methods promote lean and efficient operations, which actually improve the quality of products. These methods also streamline the ways that people work together and render their services.

Ms. Kuraisha has experience improving operations across all areas of functions from IT to human resources, to sales, and everywhere in between, in the pre-sales to quote to cash process. She is well-equipped to serve clients both large and small, having served staffs as large as 400 across the APAC region including Japan, India, China, Korea, Indonesia and various other developed and emerging countries, breaking relationship barriers where local cultures are evidently strong and sensitive. Additionally, Ms. Kuraisha prides herself on her ability to develop relationships across cultures across all levels of company management, which helps form bonds between staffs and management at client companies.

Chris Welsh, Director of Nectar Network Knowledge, offers the following glowing praise of Ms. Kuraisha: “I have been a full-time contract instructor for 15 years. Let me say that in that time, I have NEVER seen training organizational details dealt with by anyone as efficiently, reliably or promptly as they have been by Zeena. She has found an incredible amount of work for me during this time where I’m finding it hard to get work from other organizations.”

Ms. Kuraisha received a Postgraduate Diploma in Management from the University of Cambridge, having earned an MBA in International Marketing from Berne University of Applied Sciences and a GMBA in General Management from Instituto de Empresa with 12 distinctions and merits in strategic and financial management. In addition to her degrees and diplomas, she has received various certifications in sales, call center operations, customer service and business operations. Thanks in part to Ms. Kuraisha’s efforts, some of her clients have received call center, industry and global recognition awards. In years to come, Ms. Kuraisha aims to continue to grow and expand in her career and business. She also intends to continue working in her area of passion which is to work with organizations to provide technology sales and customer experience consulting services enabling more organizations to provide greater values to the world in which we live.

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